10 easy ways to reduce Plastic in Your Life

Bamboo Toothbrush

Does it bother you that the toothbrush you threw in the bin over 5 yrs ago is still sitting in a landfill somewhere on this planet? 

It is estimated that in Australia alone we go through approx 30million plastic toothbrushes a year. 

Our Bamboo toothbrushes are the perfect alternative to your plastic ones. The bonus of buying bamboo toothbrush also means you are eliminating the plastic packaging that majority of other toothbrushes come in. 

Tip- worried you wont be able to tell whos is whos? Our toothbrushes come with different colour bristles. Theres a colour for everyone.

No sharing toothbrushes over here!

Reusable Coffee Cup

Yep, you've heard this one before I know I know but unfortunately single use coffee cups still remain one of the items you see most left at parks, on bench, in trains, or just thrown on the ground. Single use coffee cups having plastic lids as well as plastic lining & due to the amount of coffee we consume means these non recyclable cups are clogging up in landfills.

Everyone should have a reusable cup in there car/office/homes & bags.Set boundaries for yourself & create change.

Beeswax wraps

In our opinion Glad wrap is not needed at all & is seriously one of the easiest swaps you can make in your house. There are so many other products you can use over Glad Wrap. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative. They are reusable, washable & compostable. There great for sandwiches, half cut veggies, covering leftovers etc. 

Did you know Bees Wax wraps are naturally anti bacterial from the incredible properties in the beeswax.

Check out our range of Bees Wax wraps they come in different sizes, & prints

Produce Bags

Unfortunately when were at the supermarket we are still see trolleys full of produce bags being used.

Plastic produce bags do not biodegrade they actually photodegrade meaning they break down into smaller & smaller toxic bits. Plastic bags are responsible for 100,000 sea turtles & other marine animal deaths every year. 

Once you get in the routine of using them it will just become a habit.

Water Bottle

Having just 1 person switching over to a reusable water bottle will save the planet from approx 156 single use plastic bottles a year. 

Single use water bottles are adding to our landfill, polluting our oceans and causing untold devastation to our Wildlife and environment. 

If you are still purchasing plastic water bottles on a regular basis please make the effort to swap over to a reusable water bottle. 

Silicon Bags

Want us to let you in on a little secret? 

You know those plastic zip lock bags that you carry your sandwich or little snacks to work in everyday? Well I bet you didnt know that you use up to 540 of these every single year & most of these if not all have all ended up in the bin. Our silicon bags come in 4 colours. Perfect for keeping produce fresher, freezing leftovers.  

Cleaning Products 

Have you ever thought about how much harm mainstream cleaning products are actually doing to you & your family. Purchasing your cleaning products at Bulkfood stores or even making them your own will not only reduce the chemicals your exposing yourself to but you will be saving yourself from buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle of cleaning products.

You really only need Vinegar, Bicarb soda & essential oils to get have your house cleaned

Purchase your Bicarb & Vinegar from bulk good stores or choose the better alternative at the supermarket. (Vinegar in a glass bottle & Bicarb soda in a box). 

Want to start green cleaning but need some help, click here to get started with extra support.


Unlike disposable razors, Saftey razors are built to last a lifetime.

Up to 2 billion plastic razors are disposed of every single year. The razor blades will eventually rust down to nothing but the plastic handle & casing will hang around in landfill for hundreds of years. We dont realise it at the time but plastic razors are up there with the most wasteful plastic item in the bathroom. Sure theres toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles, soap dispensers however in terms of how often we need to replace these they rate up there with the highest.

Soap Bars

You can reduce your plastic in the house by switching from bottled soaps to bars. There is such a great range of Organic Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Shaving Bars even Dishwashing Bars. 

Bulk Food Buying

Bulk food stores are becoming alot more popular and were seeing them opening up more frequently. Save your jars & start to ditch the single use plastic alot of your food is coming in at the supermarkets. If the thought of Bulk food buying scares you and you dont know where to start or how much to buy? The best way to start is with your dry staple ingredients. Take your jars/containers down, they will weigh them and your good to fill up with the following

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