About Us

We are two sisters who are passionate about low tox living, for a healthier & sustainable life for us and our children and for our children's children by reducing the use of plastic and waste and continually working on a sustainable way of living. 

A little bit more background information 

My name is Amber, I live on the Central Coast, NSW with my husband and two boys.  At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, its been a challenging road, but I am officially in remission and getting back to the things I love, I have made a lot of lifestyle changes since then, and continue to do so constantly. Afresh products represent part of that journey. 

My name is Jessie, I live in Melbourne, Vic with my husband and three kids. My low tox journey began when I started using Doterra essential oils, the more I learned the more passionate I became, the more research I did I realized how many toxic products we used on a daily basis, and the passion continued to grow from there.

We have carefully selected these products because they have made significant changes to our lives daily. We look forward to continuing to share our journeys with you to a healthier, plastic free lifestyle xx